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Why is the theme loneliness in Of Mice and Men?

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  • July / 21 / 2017

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The reader may discern clues Environment Scanning what the storyline is going to be. It may be something negative or positive. Foreshadowing is a warning or indication of a future event and is always found in books also as a hint to what may come and found in many great Literature pieces? He opens the short story with a detailed description of the local countryside and railway line - and the cottage where the family in the story lives. Foreshadowing is a literary device used by writers to provide a hint as to what will occur later in the story!

Later in the story when the drunkard husband is killed in a mine accident, she lives in a dream". The affects of loneliness on people are displayed in the poem " Eleanor Rigby " through the characters of Eleanor Rigby and Father McKenzie. Sometimes these foreshadows are very subtle and can only be seen after the book or movie is viewed a second or even third time.

Between the novel Of Mice and Men and the poem "Eleanor Rigby" there is a controlling idea about loneliness in people's lives established! Get everything you need to know about Slim in Of Mice and Men.

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Theme of Loneliness in John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men Essay

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