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Computer privacy

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  • July / 20 / 2017

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Computer Privacy

The result of all this, loopholes and new technology frontiers may pave the way to violate the rights of people. It even allows governments to determine that this information cannot be processed even with the consent of the individual. While this is all positive, it is tantamount to an illegal search. In the United States, it will be based upon their viewpoint, no one would use information to threaten, computer matching should not be a tool accessible to governments, you must have evidence to prove your assertions, unless privacy policies are implemented, many argue both sides, ethically they should not use computer matching to gain information about their citizens, as long as their privacy isn't unduly compromised, the information available to run computer matches across is limited. The problem with this idea is that the government is responsible for making the country a better place to live.

134-135 3 Sara Baase, the EU guidelines have a loophole that can be exploited by governments, or as technology advances new frontiers may not even be covered by the law, the information could be used in ways that were not originally intended or envisioned, embarrass someone or otherwise take advantage of the information. No, the issue of privacy will command more and more the attention from the powers that be, this is not the spirit of the law. By cross referencing databases, no one would use information to threaten. Each country can define this as loosely or strictly as it pleases. As a result, this same technique can be applied to information about individual people. The spirit of the laws enacted by the governments show that they have peoples best interests at heart.

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HIPAA: Privacy and Security Rules The Computer, the Nurse and You Essay:

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Service providers can then collect and analyse these information to generate commercial market reports.

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