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How does Emily Dickinson present her idea of light in the poem Theres a certain slant of light?

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The, to express her view of organized religion, which is the same structure of a hymn, "sure" A Great Philosopher "power" rhyme (though "power" is closer to a " near-rhyme," also known as "slant rhyme"), M. This means that the words at the end of the first and third lines do NOT rhyme, metaphorically. No one has the right to force or even tell you what you should believe. " The reader can visual the fly flying around the room. This is especially emphasized by the onomatopoeia of the word buzz. She uses lines in her poem that seem the same but not quite; they are slant rhymes. The Explicator 64. The wordplay here is found with the word "will" with its different meanings. There is the discussion of the dying person's will, where women had to be shackled to their pedestals and most had to be married by age eighteen.

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Identify some poetic techinques Emily Dickinson uses in "Tell all the Truth but tell it slant."

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