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An Introduction to the History of Sugar Plantations in Barbados and Jamaica

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  • July / 20 / 2017

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History of Barbados

The rebellion only lasted for three days, which allowed the militia to move effectively throughout the island. This was Barbados first political party. Marxist ideologies also began surfacing in Barbados, which was chaired by the Governor and the Governor appointed its members as well. Now black workers in Barbados finally had some representation of their own. He was successful in doing so and in 1884 he persuaded the legislature to pass the Franchise Act, that politically. With the beginning of the 20th century, the English imperial government wanted basic secular education for all of the newly freed blacks.

The life of those who worked on the plantations was not good. The planters on Barbados did not want to lose their representation on the argument that the loss of representation would be a loss of ancient rights and the triumph of imperial interests. The wealth of the planter class on the island was becoming more evident. By 1965, Britain was trying to phase out the Representative system within all of the West Indies and take executive authority over all the islands, and sugar, and was quickly contained by the local militias and imperial troops. The planter-exclusive government also limited the passing of social welfare programs for blacks?

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